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Origin: Germany
Circa Date: 1810
Stock No: F2I0209
Location: London
H: 31.3 in (79.5 cm)
D: 37.6 in (95.5 cm)
Price Range:
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An ormolu-mounted mahogany guéridon surmounted by a vert maurin marble top; the frieze with rosette and acanthus mounts is supported by a baluster-shaped stem, the top of which is ornamented by a band of palmettes and flower heads; the lower –half elaborately ornamented with stylized leaves and flower heads, resting on a stepped-quadripartite base with bun feet.

With a paper label with the inventory number “A.1031” under a count’s crown.

Johannes Klinkerfuss (1770 - 1831) was born outside of Frankfurt. He received his early training in cabinetmaking from his father Philippe (d.1798). In 1789 Klinkerfuss continued his education as an ébéniste when he went to work for the David Roentgen’s factory in Neuwied. David Roentgen (1743- 1807), a master ébéniste in the guild of Parisian cabinetmakers, served as the appointed cabinetmaker to Marie-Antoinette. Impressed with Klinkerfuss’ talents as both a cabinet-maker and furniture designer, Roentgen planned to install Klinkerfuss as the director of his forthcoming factory branch in St. Petersburg; however, the War of Coalitions in 1792 prevented the branch from opening. Roentgen introduced Klinkerfuss to Duchess Dorothee Sophie of Württemberg (1736-1798), who became a valued patron. The Duchess moved to Stuttgart in 1795 when her husband Duke Friedrich II Eugen became regent of Württemberg. In 1799 Klinkerfuss was appointed the royal Kabinettebenist and often collaborated with Casimir Münch, who was Hofciseleur at the Court of Stuttgart. In 1812 Klinkerfuss left his position at court to open his own manufactory in Stuttgart, yet he continued to design furniture for members of royal family until his death in 1831. Klinckerfuss designed a number of pieces which bear similar key structural and decorative properties to the present table at Mallett. A related mahogany jardinière by Klinckerfuss inscribed C. Münch Hof Ciseleur in Stuttgart was sold at Christie's in 2003. The jardinière with a similarly-shaped shaft and base is decorated with elaborate ormolu mounts in a stylized arrangement of flower-head and palmettes, comparable to that on the table with Mallett. Another jardinière by Johannes Klinckerfuss with engraved inscription C. Münch Hof Ciseleur in Stuttgart was sold at Christie's Amsterdam, 10 December 2003. A related mahogany guéridon with ormolu mounts attributed to Klinkerfuss and Munch sold at Sotheby’s New York, 18 November 2010, Important French Furniture .Similar to the table at Mallett, the guéridon has a baluster-shaped stem ornamented by an ormolu collar at the top and on the lower-half. The band of palmettes and flower-heads at the top of the stem is nearly identical to that on the table at Mallett, as is the table’s stepped-quadripartite base and bun feet. A design by Klinkerfuss for a circular table with a baluster shaft and stepped-quadripartite base is illustrated in Wolfgang Wiese, Johannes Klinckerfuss, Sigmaringen, 1994, p. 354, fig. 43.


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