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Circa Date: 1936
Stock No: F3D0236
Location: London
H: 54.3 in (138.0 cm)
W: 27.6 in (70.0 cm)
L/D: 16.9 in (43.0 cm)
Price Range:
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An fine quality limed oak semainier in simplified neo-classical taste with a grey marble top and bronze ring handles. Ordered from Comte, Mar del Plata in 1936. Retaining the original Comte metal label.

Commissioned by Evaristo Marin Palmero.
By family descent.


Palmero was a well known figure in Argentine society both for his work as the co-owner of the radio station LU9, and for his lauded taste as was displayed in his home in Mar del Plata. This striking modernist house was the first to break free from the traditional vernacular English styles that had hitherto been the accepted norm in this chic ocean-side town. The interiors, as with many comparably progressive projects at the time, were commissioned from Ignacio Pirovano and his company Comte who had opened their second showroom, after the capital, in the town itself. Later, in 1940 and 1941 Jean-Michel Frank would create several interiors in Mar del Plata in a similar vein, including the Casino Hotel, the Provincial, the Horizonte and the home of Fritz Mandl. This elegant and understated chest of seven drawers, or semainier, is one of the finest pieces produced by their workshops. Its design owes much to the influence of J-M Frank whose partnership with Pirovano and Comte dated back to 1931, when Frank was still based in Paris, and culminated at the end of the decade when Frank moved to settle in Buenos Aires. Conceived in a bold and confident classical style the modernist tastes of both patron and creator express themselves in the complete lack of ornamentation. The chest relies on perfect proportions, and the balance of the differing planes, and angles, so that whilst it has a certain monumentality, it is elegantly compact.


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