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Ely House


In March 2012, Mallett moved out of Bond Street after more than 100 years to splendid new galleries at Ely House, on Dover Street.

The showrooms are set over four floors of a classical townhouse, which was built as the London palace for the Bishop of Ely in 1772 and remained the Episcopal residence until 1909. The Bishop employed Robert Taylor to draw up the designs for the building, a renowned neo-classical architect famed for the figure of ‘the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, amongst other designs.

After 1909, the building was altered and enlarged to become the new premises of the Albermarle Club, and during World

War Two it was used as the American Red Cross Inter-State Club. Later additions to the building also included the lions sitting on the railings at the front of Ely House, which are casts of the design by Alfred Stevens in 1852 conceived for the low rails outside the British Museum (since removed).

Ely House, with its historical importance and exceptional interiors, is the ideal setting for the finest furniture and exceptional works of art that are the hallmark of Mallett. We look forward to your visit at Dover Street: please visit our contact page for more details on our location.

  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
  • Ely House
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