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A New Standard for Contemporary Design

The Meta collection is a new standard for contemporary design. Born from Mallett, Meta combines 18th century knowledge with a 21st century aesthetic. Since 1865 Mallett has been the pre-eminent antique house with an unerring eye for exemplary design and superlative execution. Evolving from this knowledge, after three years of meticulous preparation, Meta redefines the heights of present day design. Just as Mallett has consistently supplied the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with rare works of art from the past, Meta has created pieces today which will form the collections of the future.


Meta has commissioned leading designers, including Asymptote, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Tord Boontje, Matali Crasset, Wales & Wales and Klauser and Carpenter to create timeless contemporary objects and furniture of exceptional quality. They have had the rare opportunity to work with master craftsmen and artisans from around the world to unite their contemporary vision with the finest tradition of superb manufacturing. The selected ateliers are uniquely rooted in their skills and the history of their workmanship; the techniques they use are direct descendants of the processes used in the 18th century. With this collection, however, they are being pushed to the edge of what can be achieved. Meta’s designs have inimitably honed the traditional techniques of furniture production and the decorative arts to transcend the boundaries of contemporary design.



The careful selection of such exquisite pieces and insistence on the finest manufacturing has focused on the very foundation of an object: its substance. Each item in the collection has been produced from extraordinary materials. From hand-painted enamel leaves to free blown glass, every detail is a statement of personal investment in design. Historical research has been carried out to rediscover lost metallurgical formulations of the highest standard and finest finish, from 958 Britannia silver in the surtout de table to paktong (a rare metal, based upon a Chinese candlestick from 1720) for the lantern. Every detail in the collection has demanded attention of the most stringent level: wooden hinges are made from the hardest European wood, boxwood; 3m long tables carved out of 15T blocks of Carrara marble.


Meta’s collection combines fine detail and an expansive view of the history of design. It is rooted in tradition and aspiring toward the future. It is a collection of ineluctable elegance with every piece carrying both authenticity and beauty.